Got a job that needs doing, but not sure if you can afford it ?

Give us a call on 01865 250514 and we'll talk you through it. Depending on the nature of the job, we might be able to give an instant quote, otherwise we will outline the steps necessary to arrive at a firm price.


Initial Consultation - free

We will come in to your office, discuss your issues, analyze your workflow and come
up with a proposal for no charge whatsoever.

Job pricing.

We usually provide a fixed cost bid, ie we propose a price and schedule and we deliver for that price no matter what problems we run into, ie we take on the [substantial] risks inherent in any non-trivial software project. Typically we charge 50% up front and the remainer on completion. For larger projects we provide a schedule and require payment on delivery of certain milestones.

Maintenance fees.

As any business owner knows, there is always a dilemma in how one pays for work.
If you pay by the hour, there is no incentive for the person you hire to ever finish.
On the other hand, if you pay a fixed price, there is a legitimate concern that
corners will be cut and you will end up with a shoddy product. The basic problem
is that one needs to find a way to align the interests of the buyer and the seller.

Our solution to this is that we often structure our pricing such that there is a
fixed price due on completion and then a monthly maintenance charge. This serves
two purposes.

1. It provides a mechanism for you to offset the cost of production. Many companies
have tight cash flow issues which makes it hard for them to pay for something
even if it has a great ROI. By deferring some of the cost as a maintenance payment
you can pay us out of the money we saved you.

2. The maintenance fee can be seen as our guarantee that this custom software
will function correctly and reliably for as long as you need it to.
However careful we are there may be unanticipated problems which only crop up after
an extended period of real world use.

Hourly work - £45/hr

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