Got a job that needs doing, but not sure if you can afford it ?

Call us on 01865 250514 and we'll talk you through it. Depending on the nature of the job, we might be able to give an instant quote, otherwise we will outline the steps necessary to arrive at a firm price.

Not enough time and too much to do ?

Spending a lot of time doing a lot of tedious and repetive work ?

Legacy systems driving you crazy ?

Need custom software but think you cannot afford it ?

We can help.

Software That Works Ltd specialises in providing custom
software and web solutions to small/medium sized companies.

Free consultation.

If you suspect your business could run more efficiently you are probably right.

We can visit you, discuss the issues and provide a free consultation
on how things could be improved.

We have experience with a very wide range of technology, but more importantly we have the skills and flexibility to understand your processes and workflow quickly and effectively. 

There are some areas which we do not have sufficient expertise in, and we will be quick to tell you if this is the case. We have plenty to do while sticking to the areas we excel in, and the last thing we want to do is waste anybody's time.