We've done a lot of projects for a lot of clients, some of which we can't talk about. However, this section should give you an idea of some of things we can do.

Case Studies

Custom web services.

We provided a solution for a services company that reduced the
cost of database maintenance from 30,000/yr to 3,000/yr. This solution
cost them £2,800 ie, it paid for itself with the first month.

Web mashup

We provided a customized web trawler that collected information from
a 3rd party website and inserted it into their CRM database automatically
saving them 100's of hours per month. This cost just £600.

Custom application

We provided custom CAD file processing for a 3D printer company
that cut processing time from 12 hours to 10 minutes. This cost
£15,000 and only took us 6 weeks to implement. The original version of
this program (the one which took 12 hours) had been developed
internally and taken a team of 2 developers 2 years, ie it had
cost them well over £100,000.

We can make things look pretty too. If you're more interested
in websites and marketing than custom software, visit us
at www.rareformnewmedia.com